Product Documentation

CloudBridge 4000 and 5000 Appliances

Nov 26, 2014

Citrix CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliances are high-performance WAN accelerators for busy datacenters. These appliances combines multiple virtual accelerator instances with a single virtual instance of the NetScaler load-balancer, providing the performance of multiple CloudBridge appliances in a single package.

CloudBridge 4000/5000 WAN accelerators are the high end of the Citrix CloudBridge product line. They are designed to accelerate sites with WAN links with speeds in excess of 155 Mbps, especially busy datacenters that communicate with a large number of branch and regional sites.

Figure 1. Typical Use Case

A single CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliance can support WAN speeds of up to 2 Gbps and up to 5000 XenApp/XenDesktop users.

For datacenters needing even more performance, multiple CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliances can be deployed as a load-balanced array using the WCCP clustering feature.

Figure 2. Load balancing multiple CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliances

CloudBridge 4000/5000 is recommended at the hub of a hub-and-spoke deployment, where smaller appliances are used at the spokes, whenever the link speed or the number of XenApp/XenDesktop users is higher than can be supported by a smaller appliance.

DC to DC Replication

If you require a secondary data center, CloudBridge 4000/5000 appliances can provide optimization for Data-Center to Data-Center replication. This optimization improves replication time and reduces bandwidth consumption.

For details on how to configure a CloudBridge appliance for DC-to-DC replication with NetApp SnapMirror, see