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Inline Links

May 23, 2013

Most CloudBridge appliances use a simple inline deployment, where each accelerated bridge serves just one WAN link. This is the simplest mode to configure.

Example: Simple Inline Link

In Figure 1, all traffic passing through the accelerated bridge is assumed to be WAN traffic. The link is an ADSL link with different send and receive speeds (6.0 mbps down, 1.0 mbps up). The WAN is connected to accelerated bridge port apA.1, and the LAN is connected accelerated bridge port apA.2.

This link is easy to configure on the Edit Links page, shown in the following figure.

The tasks for defining the WAN-side link (apA.1) are:
The tasks for the LAN-side link (apA.2) are similar:
Example: Inline Deployment with Dual Bridges

The configuration shown in Figure 3 is similar to the one shown in Figure 1-3, but the site has a second link, a T1 link to the corporate WAN, in addition to the ADSL Internet link. The CloudBridge has two accelerated bridges, one for each WAN link.

Configuration is almost as simple as the single-bridge case, with the following additional steps: