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About NetScaler Insight center

May 15, 2015

NetScaler Insight Center is a virtual appliance that analyses the traffic flowing through CloudBridge appliances and generates performance reports. NetScaler Insight Center uses AppFlow to retrieve the traffic information.

NetScaler Insight Center has three components:
  • Web Insight delivers data analytics for web traffic flowing through NetScaler ADCs.
  • HDX Insight delivers data analytics for XenApp and XenDesktop traffic flowing through NetScaler appliance, NetScaler Gateway appliances, or CloudBridge appliances..
  • WAN Insight delivers data analytics for accelerated and unaccelerated traffic flowing through CloudBridge 7.4.0 appliances.
For details about all the components, see Understanding NetScaler Insight Center.

HDX Insight provides Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop administrators with an easy way to monitor the users and performance of the applications hosted on those products. HDX Insight captures data about the ICA traffic that flows through the CloudBridge datacenter devices, generates AppFlow records by doing deep inspection of the data, and presents the records as visual reports on the HDX Insight tab of the NetScaler Insight Center dashboard.

WAN Insight gives CloudBridge administrators an easy way to monitor the accelerated and unaccelarted WAN traffic that flows through CloudBridge datacenter and CloudBridge branch appliances, and it provides end-to-end visibility that includes client-specific data, application-specific data, and branch- specific data. With the ability to identify and monitor all the applications, clients, and branches on the network, you can effectively deal with the issues that degrade performance.

The following figure shows how a NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance collects information from CloudBridge appliances.

A CloudBridge appliance resides between the clients and the servers. When a NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance is configured to retrieve information about the traffic flowing through the CloudBridge devices, it uses AppFlow to retrieve the information and display it as visual reports.

A NetScaler Insight Center virtual appliance retrieves the gathered information for each monitored application on the CloudBridge appliance, analyzes the information, and presents it as visual reports.

To start using NetScaler Insight Center, you must install it on either XenServer, or VMware ESX, or Microsoft Hyper-V. Then, you must add the CloudBridge devices to the NetScaler Insight Center inventory and enable data collection on NetScaler Insight Center.