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Upgrade and Downgrade Considerations

Aug 11, 2014

Upgrading to or downgrading from CloudBridge release 7.0 and later can affect the resources allocated to other disk based compression (DBC).

Upgrading the Appliance to CloudBridge Release 7.0 or Later

Upgrading the Appliance to CloudBridge Release 7.0 or Later

By default, the video caching feature is disabled in CloudBridge release 7.0 or later. As a result, an upgrade to release 7.0 or later does not create a partition for video caching. When you enable the video caching feature, you are prompted with a warning message stating "Service will be restarted and disk based compression history will be cleared. Do you want to continue?" If you click OK, acceleration is restarted and a new caching partition is created, reducing the disk space allocated to other Disk Based Compression and invalidating Disk Based Compression history.

However, if you upgrade from release 7.0 or later, the partition is retained if it has already been created.

The Video Caching feature in release 7.x, except release 7.3, uses application classifiers. However, release 7.3 uses video sources for the configuration workflow, which has a single page to enable, disable, and exclude videos. Therefore, before you upgrade the appliance from release 7.x to 7.3, make sure that you move application classifiers available in the Configuration > Video Caching page from the Supported list to the Selected list. This avoids the possibility of any HTTP traffic getting blocked.

Additionally, if you had configured the appliance to cache and proxy a specific subnet or list of IP addresses by deleting the “All” rule on the Advanced page, you must disable the unused application classifier before you upgrade the appliance to release 7.3

Downgrading from CloudBridge Release 7.0 or Later to an Earlier Release

Because CloudBridge releases earlier than 7.0 do not support video caching, downgrading to one of these releases removes the video-caching partition and adds its disk space to Disk Based Compression. It also clears the Disk Based Compression history.