Product Documentation

Using the Graphical User Interface for Monitoring or Additional Configuration

Feb 06, 2014

CloudBridge appliances have a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) for configuration and monitoring. To access the GUI, enter the appliance's management address in a web browser's address bar. For example, if your appliance's management address is, type:

When prompted, enter the user name and password assigned to you by the administrator.

Note: For initial setup, see Performing Quick Installation for the default user name and password. The first time you log on, the Quick Installation page appears. Subsequently, the Dashboard page is the first to appear.
The header section of the graphical interface has tabs which allow you to navigate to other pages. All the operations are grouped into three categories:
  • Dashboard
  • Monitoring
  • Configuration
As a navigation aid, in the currently displayed tab is highlighted. For example, the following figure shows the Dashboard page, and therefore it shows the Dashboard tab as highlighted.
Figure 1. Dashboard Page

For additional information about the GUI, including descriptions of the fields on each page, see Using the Graphical User Interface.