Product Documentation

Video Caching

Jan 28, 2011
enable videocaching
Syntax: enable videocaching

Enables the Video Caching feature on the appliance.

disable videocaching
Syntax: disable videocaching

Disables the Video Caching feature on the appliance.

add videocaching
Syntax: add videocaching

-video-source <Video Source Name>

-state [enable|disable|exclude]

-listen-ports <port number>

Adds following video caching parameters
  • video-source—Adds a video source to the list of video sources on the appliance.
  • State—Changes the state of the video source. Specifying enable enables caching of videos from the videos source, disable disables caching of videos from the video source, and exclude excludes caching of videos and bypasses the request from proxy as well as cache.
  • Listen-ports—Adds ports to the list of listen ports.
remove videocaching
Syntax: remove videocaching

-video-source <Video Source Name>


-listen-ports <port number>

Removes the following video caching parameters:
  • Video-source—Removes video source from the appliance. Removing a video source removes the related videos from the cache.
  • dns-suffix—Removes the DNS suffix you have added for the URLs.
  • Listen-ports—Removes the specified ports from the listen ports list.
set videocaching
Syntax: set videocaching

-dns-suffix <domain name>

-max-object-size [100|200|300]

-x-forwarded-for [enable|disable]

-policy <File Name>

Sets following video caching parameters on the appliance:
  • dns-suffix—Suffixes domain name to the URLs that do not have complete domain name.
  • Max-object-size—Sets the maximum size limit for the video object that can be cached.
  • X-forwarded-for— adds the client IP address to the X-Forwarded-For header of all HTTP requests that the appliance proxies.
  • Policy—Updates video caching policy file.
show videocaching
Syntax: show videocaching


Displays details of the video caching configuration or statistics.

clear videocaching
Syntax: clear videocaching


Removes videos from the cache or clears video caching statistics.