Product Documentation

Quick Installation Page

Jun 05, 2013

The Quick Installation page allows a complete single-page installation of many appliances, and a partial installation for most other appliances.

Figure 1. Quick Installation page
Additional configuration will be required if any of the following are true:
  • The appliance is not using inline mode.
  • Your appliance has dual accelerated bridges (apA and apB).
  • The appliance is part of a high-availability or group-mode pair.
  • You plan to use SSL acceleration or hardboost.
  • You need to make changes to the default traffic-shaping policies.
The fields in the quick installation are:
  • Adapter—For most appliances, this is apA, the accelerated bridge. Dual-bridge systems will allow you to select apB instead.
  • IP Address, Gateway, Netmask—These will already be configured (from the LCD front-panel installation step), but you can change them if desired.
  • Primary/Secondary DNS IP Address—Lets you specify a primary and backup DNS server.
  • NTP Time Server—Allows you to specify an NTP time server to keep your appliance’s clock synchronized. Highly recommended.
  • Date/Time—If you cannot use an NTP time server, the date and time can be set manually here.
  • Local Time Zone—Specify your time zone here.
  • Citrix License Type—Gives you a choice between Local License and a network license that matches your hardware. Legacy (release 5.x) licenses are local licenses; new licenses are generally network licenses.
  • License Server Address—You must specify a license server when using network licenses. You can use either an IP address (such as or a hostname (such as
  • Licensing Service Port—If your license server uses a port different from the default value of 27000, specify it here.
  • Receive (Download) Speed—Use 95% of your nominal WAN receive rate.
  • Send (Upload) Speed—Use 95% of your nominal WAN send rate.
  • WAN-side Adapter—This will be either apA.1 or apA.2, depending on which port the Ethernet cable to your WAN is plugged into. (Dual-bridge systems might use apB.1 or apB.2.)
  • Perform Quick Install—Press the Install button to perform the installation.
  • Wait for System to Restart—After the system restarts, continue with your configuration if necessary. Otherwise, your appliance is configured and operational.