Product Documentation

Application Classifiers

Jun 05, 2013

The Configuration: Application Classifiers page defines all the applications recognized by the CloudBridge classifier.

Figure 1. Defining a New Application

The classifier uses application definitions to divide the traffic into protocols and applications. This is used to create reports and to set traffic-shaping policies through the service-class mechanism. A great many applications are already defined, and you can define more as needed.

  • Application Group list--Applications are divided into groups, and by selecting one from the Application Group list, you can restrict the display to the members of the selected group.
  • Only show user modified settings checkbox--This checkbox allows you to show only applications that differ from the defaults, whether by being added or modified.
  • Auto-discover Citrix published applications checkbox--This option allows any Citrix published applications seen in the data stream to be added to the application list automatically. Once discovered, they will show up in reports and can be used for traffic-shaping policies.
  • Expand All/Collapse All buttons--In the collapsed state, just the application names are displayed. Otherwise, their definitions are shown as well.
  • Create button--Used to create a new application.
  • Edit button--Allows an existing application to be altered. This process is essentially the same as creating a new application.
  • Delete button--Deletes an application.
Note: Use caution when editing or deleting applications, since there is no way to reset the definitions to their defaults without resetting the entire Appliance to its factory defaults.