Product Documentation


May 15, 2015

The Citrix CloudBridge 7.4 release has the following enhancements:

Simplified User Interface
  • On models that include a management service VM, the management service GUI (the System tab) is no longer used. All management is now performed in the accelerator GUI, simplifying the user interface and making it more consistent between models that have a management service VM and those that do not.
  • On the CloudBridge 4000 and 5000 appliance, using the NetScaler instance GUI is no longer necessary when setting up WCCP or virtual inline modes.
Installation and Supportability Improvements
  • The Reset to Factory functionality now retains IP configuration and licensing to allow appliances to be moved from one location to another easily, and shortening the reset time to just a few minutes.
  • A built-in packet analyzer allows trace files to be viewed on the appliance itself.
  • The CloudBridge VPX now supports DHCP on the accelerated bridge interface.
NetScaler Insight Center Enhancements
  • The new WAN Insight feature enables NetScaler Insight Center to monitor both accelerated and unaccelerated traffic flowing through CloudBridge appliances. It can track connections by branch office as well as by application and user, so link-related or branch-related performance issues can be pinpointed easily.
  • Multi-Hop support for NetScaler Insight Center enables Insight Center to detect which Citrix appliances a connection passes through (CloudBridge, NetScaler, NetScaler Gateway), and in which order, for improved reporting.
  • NetScaler Insight Center now monitors CloudBridge VPX 7.4.0 appliances.

    Note: To monitor a CloudBridge VPX appliance, specify the CloudBridge VPX primary IP address in the NetScaler Insight Center.

Performance Enhancements
  • WCCP clustering support on CloudBridge VPX.
  • WCCP 2.1-compatible timer settings allow greater responsiveness to network events in WCCP deployments.
  • Improved Windows filesystem improvement through enhanced SMB2 read-ahead.
External Management/Reporting Enhancements
  • CloudBridge now supports the Citrix NITRO API, which allows you to control CloudBridge appliances through REST (Representational State Transfer) commands.
Simplified Secure Acceleration Setup
  • A datacenter appliance can now generate and push out secure tunnel credentials to branch-office appliances.
Other Enhancements
  • Improved IPv6 support.
  • Improved Windows filesystem version classification (SMB1, SMB2, SMB3)
  • Citrix Call Home option allows diagnostic data to be uploaded to after the appliance restarts.
  • Crash data can now be uploaded automatically to Citrix Insight Services at