Product Documentation

Limitations and Caveats

May 15, 2015
  • The management service and NetScaler instance time is not synchronized with that of the NTP server after the NTP Server is configured through the management service.

    Workaround: Restart the management service to synchronize the time.

NetScaler Insight Center

  • NetScaler Insight Center takes two minutes to display the current connection details on the dashboard.

  • If you upgrade NetScaler Insight Center release 10.5 build 55.8004e to release 10.5 build 8xxx.e, the columns names will not be displayed on the dashboard.

    Workaround: Click the Settings icon, and click "Go back to default."

  • If you upgrade NetScaler Insight Center appliance to release 10.5 build 55.8xxx.e, the compression ratio values will be displayed as -NA-.

IPv6 Acceleration
  • Advanced optimization for IPv6 connections is not supported on the following features:
    • Video Caching
    • MAPI
    • CIFS
    • ICA
  • IPv6 connections are not optimized for the following deployment modes:
    • Virtual Inline mode
    • WCCP mode
  • The following limitations apply to IPv6 traffic handling :
    • The appliance bypasses packets with IPv6 extension headers, such as Routing and IPSEC, on a per-packet basis.
    • The appliance removes the IPv6 extension headers, such as Hop-By-Hop, Destination Option, and Mobility for the TCP connections.
    • CloudBridge 4000 and 5000 appliances remove IPv6 extension headers, except fragmentation headers, from TCP/UDP traffic.
    • CloudBridge appliances do not support accelerated TCP connections with IPv6 fragments. Such connections are reset when the appliance receives an IPv6 fragment. IPv6 protocol has a Path MTU discovery feature, and is designed to avoid fragmentation with TCP. In the absence of tunnels, the appliance rarely receives IPv6 fragmentation with TCP. If the appliance inadvertently receives such fragmented traffic, the cause might be incorrect TCP configuration on the client or server.

    Workaround: Identify the traffic profile that contains fragmented IPv6 TCP traffic. Create, or modify an existing, service class with the traffic profile and set the Acceleration Policy parameter to none.

Video Caching
The video caching prepopulation feature has the following limitations:
  • Hosted videos should be accessible to the appliance by using absolute paths. A link that redirects to the video source is not supported.
  • The video server should be able to respond to the HEAD method requested by the appliance IP address.
  • The video server should enable directory listing of the folders.