Product Documentation

To modify customers

Jun 05, 2015
  1. Find a customer by using one of the methods described in Find customers.
  2. Click the customer name to expand the customer to display the Customer Functions dialog box.
  3. Select any of the following options:
    Option Description
    Edit Customer Modify contact and domain information and email addresses, change password requirements, and other details.
    Users View and manage user accounts within the selected customer hierarchy.
    Delete Permanently delete the deprovisioned customer from the Services Manager and Active Directory. This function is only available after you deprovision the customer.
    Deprovision Deactivate the customer and its users in Active Directory but keep the account information in the Services Manager database. Users cannot log on or use services.
    Disable Disable the customer and all its user accounts in the Services Manager database and Active Directory.
    • To reinstate the customer, click Enable and then Provision.
    • To delete the customer, click Delete. This action deletes the customer from the Services Manager and Active Directory and also deletes any data associated with the customer.
    Note: You can modify customer settings by using Edit Customer while the customer is disabled. Click Provision in the Edit Customer dialog box to apply the changes to the customer.
    Enable Reinstates the customer and its user accounts in the Services Manager and Active Directory. Next, click Provision to provide the customer with full access to its provisioned services.
    Provision Activate the customer after updating or modifying settings. If the customer had been disabled, Enable the customer before performing a Provision operation.
    Services Manage services associated with the customer.
    Reset Status Reset the provisioning status if the request appears to have timed out.