Product Documentation

To move a customer to a different reseller customer

Jun 05, 2015
You can move an existing customer to a different reseller customer with the following conditions:
  • A reseller customer cannot be moved.
  • The customer can be moved to a reseller customer in the same location only.
  • The reseller must be able to provision all services that the moved customer has provisioned. That is, the reseller must already have the same services provisioned to it as the customer to be moved.

As part of the customer move process, the Services Manager detects matching access levels for each service (known as the service access level or SAL). Any SAL that cannot be matched is displayed as an editable or selectable field. If the SAL changes as a result of this selection and no service properties are overridden, the moved customer's users inherit the new SAL properties. If service properties are changed or overridden, the moved customer's users inherit the new, changed service properties.

  1. Click Customers > Configuration > Customer Move.
  2. From the Customer Move page, perform the following actions:
    1. In Customer Search, type the name of the customer to be moved and select the customer.
    2. In Reseller Search, type the name of the destination reseller that will receive the customer and select the reseller.
  3. Click Load Customers.
  4. From the drop-down list, ensure the correct location is selected. The destination reseller's location must match the customer's current location.
    Important: If multiple locations are available from the drop-down list and you select a location that is different from the customer's current location, the move operation will fail. Moving customers to resellers in other locations is not supported.
  5. Under Package Selection, if available, select the source and destination customer service plan and service access level.
  6. Click Move.
The Services Manager displays a message that changes are complete and the customer is being provisioned. You can check the status of move by clicking Configuration > Provisioning & Debug Tools > Provisioning Requests.