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Create resellers

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-12

By default, the Service Provider Administrator and Reseller Full Administrator roles can create customers. However, only the Service Provider Administrator can create a Reseller customer (known as the reseller). In this case, the reseller resides in the Service Provider's customer hierarchy and the reseller can then create one or more customers within its own hierarchy.

To create a reseller, perform the following actions:
  1. Create a customer and create the customer administrator user. Alternatively, select an existing customer.
  2. Provision the Reseller service to the customer.
  3. Add the Reseller Administrator role to a user.

To create a reseller

  1. Create a new customer or select an existing customer:
    • To create a new customer and customer administrator, follow the steps described in Create new customers and To create customer administrators. Afterward, Services Manager automatically prompts you to provision services to the customer after you create the customer administrator.
    • Locate and select the existing customer for whom you want to provision the Reseller service as described in Find customers.
  2. From the Customer Functions box, select Services and then expand Reseller.
    Note: If more than one location is configured, multiple Reseller services are listed, one per location. Select the Reseller service instance for the desired location.
  3. Select the Reseller check box.
  4. Click Provision.
When you create a reseller customer, the reseller administrator roles are added automatically to the list of available user security roles.

To add the reseller administrator role to a user

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Customers and select a customer from Customer Hierarchy or search for a customer from the Advanced Customer Search dialog box.
  2. Click the customer name, click Users, and then select the user to whom you want to assign the reseller administrator role.
  3. Click Edit User, click Account Settings, and then click Advanced Options.
  4. Select the Configure a custom role collection check box, expand the Service - Administration node, and then select one of the following roles:
    • Select Reseller - Reseller Full Administrator if you want to grant to the user full rights to create, modify, and delete sub-customers.
      Note: Before the reseller customer can create sub-customers, a user must be assigned the Reseller Full Administrator role.
    • Select Reseller - Reseller Partial Administrator if you want to designate a user with the ability to update sub-customer details and to reset passwords.