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Prerequisites for deploying the Citrix service

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-05-17

Before deploying the Citrix service, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

Create a new security group

  1. Create the Cortex Service Computers security group on the domain. You can create this group within the CortexSystem OU.
  2. Add all XenApp controllers to the security group.
  3. In Active Directory Users and Computers, with Advanced Features enabled, assign the security group to any Services Manager root customer OUs and any existing customers created in the location.
  4. Assign Read permissions to the security group on the OU.
  5. In the Advanced Security Settings for Servers dialog box, locate the Cortex Service Computers group. Edit the permissions and, in Apply to, select This object and all descendant objects.
  6. Restart all computers added to the security group.

Set up a file server

The Citrix service requires a file server to create file shares with permissions, store profiles, and so on. Ensure a file server is available in your environment for this purpose. You can use the same file server for deploying the Citrix and File Sharing services.