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Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-04-18

The Office Communication Server 2007 (OCS) service for Services Manager delivers unified communication services from the cloud. Using the Office Communicator client software, users enjoy an array of communication options, including group chats, status updates, and video conferencing.

The OCS service uses a WMI connection to the Office Communications Server in your environment. The service requires no web service to be installed. You need only to configure the service through the Services Manager control panel.

Supported versions

The OCS service supports the following OCS versions:
  • Office Communication Server 2007
  • Office Communication Server 2007 R2

Before you deploy the OCS service, you must have a supported version of OCS deployed in your environment.


To allow provisioned users to connect to Communicator, perform the following actions:
  • If needed, change the scope of the CortexAdmins group from global to universal.
  • Include the RTCUniversalAdmins and RTCUniversalReadOnlyAdmins groups in the CortexAdmins group.
  • On the OCS server, restart all services that use RTC credentials.
To enable OCS reporting, configure and enable the OCS Monitoring Service on the OCS server. During configuration, perform the following actions on the OCS server:
  • Use both TCP/IP and named pipes for local and remote connections.
  • Allow SQL Server mode and Windows Authentication mode.
  • Add a SQL Server logon that has been granted db_datareader and db_owner permissions to the following OCS databases: RTC, RTCDYN, and LCSCDR (this database is present only when OCS Monitoring is enabled).

Service deployment overview

Deploying the OCS service involves the following tasks:
  1. Configure the service using the control panel.
  2. If using in a multi-tenanted environment, partition the address book by OU.
  3. If OCS 2007 R2 is installed in the Configuration container instead of System, update the location on the Services Manager Provisioning server. By default, Services Manager looks for OCS settings in the System container.
  4. Provision the service to customers.

For deployment instructions, see Deploy the Office Communication Server 2007 service.