Product Documentation

To configure Citrix hosted application settings

Jun 05, 2015
To enable Services Manager to discover the hosted applications in your environment, you configure a server collection that includes the XenApp servers where the applications reside. After the server collection is created, you can use the Citrix Applications page to configure the global settings for each application.
  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Services > Citrix > Configuration > Citrix Applications.
  2. Under Citrix Server Filter, select the location and server collection you want to use. All hosted applications configured for the server collection appear.
    Note: Click Refresh to ensure you are viewing all available hosted applications.
  3. Under Configured Applications, select the hosted application whose settings you want to configure.
  4. Under Manage Application Settings, select one of the following options to create an Active Directory group:
    • Generate creates and names a security group automatically (e.g., CitrixApp 3).
    • Custom enables you to create a new security group with a unique name you specify.
  5. In Allocation, select the Default Application check box to include the hosted application in the Citrix services package that is provisioned to customers.
  6. In Access, configure the hosted application's availability by performing one of the following actions:
    • To make the hosted application available to all customers, select the Public Application check box.
    • To make the resource available to one specific customer, clear the Public Application check box and enter the name of the customer you want to assign.
      Note: If you make the hosted application available to one specific customer, the application can be added only to application groups that belong to the same customer.
  7. In Publish, select Enabled to make the hosted application visible to customers.
  8. Click Save to create the Active Directory group and save your selections.