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Configure personal archives for Exchange 2010

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-04-03

Personal archives are a feature of Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 that allows users to store older messages in a server-side mailbox instead of in a .pst file that is stored locally. Users can access their personal archive mailbox through Outlook 2010 or the Outlook Web App.

Enabling personal archives includes the following tasks:
  • Enable support in Services Manager. Because support for personal archives is not enabled by default, you must enable it for each applicable Hosted Exchange user plan you intend to provision. If support is not enabled, personal archives are not available to the user when the Hosted Exchange service is provisioned.
  • Enable personal archives for each user in Exchange. If personal archives are not enabled in Exchange for the user when the Hosted Exchange service is provisioned, Services Manager enables the feature automatically. If no mailbox database is specified when the user plan is configured, Services Manager selects the appropriate mailbox database automatically when the user is provisioned.

To configure mail archiving for Exchange 2007, refer to the topic To configure the Mail Archiving service.

To enable support for personal archives

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Configuration > System Manager > Service Deployment.
  2. Expand Hosted Exchange and then click User Plans.
  3. Create a new user plan or select the existing user plan for which you want enable support for personal archives.
  4. Expand the Exchange 2010 Mail Archiving category and select the Enabled checkbox.
  5. In Mailbox Database, select the mailbox database that Services Manager will use for personal archives. If no database is selected, Services Manager chooses one automatically when the user is provisioned.
  6. Click Apply Changes and then click Save.