Product Documentation

Upgrade the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service

Aug 17, 2017

When upgrading to a new version of the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service, there could be more than one component to upgrade, depending on the architecture and approach being used.  In all upgrade scenarios, administrators will need to import the new Hosted Apps and Desktops Service Package.

When using the Hosted Apps and Desktops Service with App Orchestration, the web service is not using during service operations or provisioning, and does not need to be updated.  When using the Hosted Apps and Desktops service directly with XenDesktop, it is required to update the web service residing on the XenApp or XenDesktop delivery controller.

Import the service package into the control panel

1.    Download the latest Hosted Apps and Desktops service package and unzip it to a local folder.

2.    Import the service package into the control panel:
Note: To access service import features in the portal, the user must have the Service Schema Administrator security role.

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Configuration > System Manager > Service Schema.
  2. Under Services Management, click Import a service.   
  3. On the Service Import page, click Browse and locate the Hosted Apps and Desktops.package file. Click Open.
  4. Click Preview. Services Manager displays the contents of the file for your review.
  5. Click Import at the bottom of the page. Services Manager imports the file and reports Import Complete.
  6. Clear the browser cache and restart the browser to login

3.    On the Services Manager provisioning server, restart the CitrixQueueMonitor service or restart the machine.

Re-install the Hosted Apps and Desktops Web Service

1.    On the server where the web service is installed, log on as administrator.

2.    Navigate to the unzipped folder and double-click the Setup file.

3.    On the Select Web Services page, select the specified service (XenApp Web Service, XenDesktop Web Service, App Orchestration Configuration Tool) that you want to install.

4.    On the Review Prerequisites Page review the information and click Next.

5.    On the Ready to install page, click Install to install the service, and then click Next.

6.    On the Configure Installed Components page, click Configure to configure the hosted apps and desktops Web Service.

7.   On the Configure IIS page, configure the web service account; keep the original credentials and the service port during the configuration. If you changed the credentials and the service port, be sure to configure the Server Connections again on CPSM web console

8.    Click Next, and then click Finish.