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Upgrade the Reporting service

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2014-08-15

Migrating the data warehouse uses the public API of the Data Warehouse service and a Data Transfer configuration file to update the required schema in the OLMReporting database and reprocess historical data. This process might run for an extended period of time due to data reprocessing. You can monitor this process through the Data Warehouse logs located at %PROGRAMDATA%CitrixCloudPortal Services Manager SetupLogsData Warehouse Migrationtimestamp.log. Additionally, the %PROGRAMFILES%CitrixCortexData Warehouse Servicelog folder contains logs of errors that occur while upgrading the OLMReporting database schema and data to the Version 11.5 format.

What happens during the upgrade

To initiate the upgrade, you can use the Services Manager graphical interface or the command line.
Important: The user initiating the upgrade must be logged on as a domain administrator.
When you upgrade the Reporting service, the Configuration Tool performs the following tasks:
  1. Back up Services Manager 11 config.xml file, report definitions, and data sources.
  2. Upgrade product files for the Reporting service.
  3. Finalize the upgrade.

Restore customizations

After the DataWarehouseMigrator.exe utility is finished running, you manually restore any reporting customizations. For example:
  1. Redeploy any custom views or stored procedures to accommodate schema changes.
  2. Migrate any custom commands in the Version 11 config.xml file to the Version 11.5 config.xml file to accommodate schema changes.
  3. Redeploy any report definition customizations.

Instructions for upgrading

For instructions to upgrade the Reporting service, see Upgrade the Reporting service using the graphical interface or command line.