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Upgrade the Reporting service using the graphical interface or command line

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2014-08-29

Upgrading the Reporting service involves backing up the config.xml file, RDL files, and data sources. The config.xml file is located at %PROGRAMFILES%CitrixCortexData WarehouseData Warehouse Serviceconfigconfig.xml. You can find the RDL files and data sources through the Report Manager web site for SQL Server Reporting Services. If the reporting definitions and data sources have been moved to another location, you must back up these components manually.

The user performing the upgrade must be logged on as a domain administrator.

To upgrade the Reporting service using the graphical interface

  1. From the installation media, double-click setup.exe and click Get Started.
  2. On the Select Deployment Task page, select Upgrade Existing Deployment.
  3. On the Upgrade Existing Deployment page, select Upgrade Roles and Services. The Setup Tool verifies the database version. If the correct database version is not detected, the Setup Tool prompts you to manually verify the version and click Next.
  4. When prompted, accept the End User Licensing Agreement and then click Next.
  5. On the Select Components page, select Reporting. By default, installed components for which upgrades are available are selected.
  6. On the Review Prerequisites page, the Configuration Tool displays the required software that will be installed to support the upgraded component. Click Next.
  7. On the Ready to upgrade page, click Upgrade. The Setup Tool installs the Configuration Tool, upgrades the selected components, and displays progress.
  8. On the Upgrade Complete page, click Finish.
  9. From the Upgrade Existing Deployment page, select Re-configure Upgraded Roles and Services.
  10. On the Re-configure Upgraded Components page, click Finish Upgrade. The Configuration Tool attempts to contact the Encryption Service and retrieve the encrypted key. If the Encryption Service cannot be contacted, the Configuration Tool prompts you to import the encrypted key manually using a key file. To generate the key file, see Generate and export keyfiles for the Encryption Service.
  11. If required, import the Encryption Service key file:
    1. In Key File Path, click Browse and locate the key file you generated from the Encryption Service web site.
    2. In Password, enter the password that was created when the key file was generated. Click Next.
  12. On the Preview Service Package page, review the service components that will be imported when the Reporting service is reconfigured. By default, only the Reporting service components are selected. Other components, such as roles and assemblies, are imported when the Web server role is configured. Click Next.
  13. On the Summary page, click Commit.
  14. When the reconfiguration is complete, click Finish.

To upgrade the Reporting service using the command line

  1. Open a command line window and navigate to the CortexSetup directory on the Services Manager installation media.
  2. At the command prompt, enter CortexSetup.exe /Upgrade:Reporting. The Setup Tool upgrades the Reporting service and returns the command prompt.
  3. At the command prompt, enter CortexConfigConsole.exe /Upgrade:Reporting and specify the following properties:
    Property Description
    /OlmPassword The password for the OLM database.
    /OlmReportingPassword The password for the OLMReporting database.
    /DwsUserName The user name for the data warehouse service account.
    /DwsPassword The password for the data warehouse service account.
    /AutoCreateDwsUser:True|False Optional. Create the data warehouse user account. Default = True
    /DwsServer:hostname Optional. The hostname of the server hosting the data warehouse. Default = the name of the local computer
    /DwsPort:port Optional. Inbound port to be used with the data warehouse. Default = 8095
    /PackageFolder:path-to-service-packages Optional. The location of the Services folder on the Services Manager installation media, which contains the service packages.
    /IgnoreErrors:True|False Optional. Whether or not to ignore service import errors. Default = True
    /PurgeAgeInMonths Optional. The number of months after which older historical data is deleted. For example, specify 84 to delete data that is older than seven years.

Sample command strings

The following command reconfigures the Reporting service and migrates the data warehouse.
CortexConfigConsole.exe /Upgrade:Reporting /OlmPassword:password /OlmReportingPassword:password /DwsUserName:user-name /DwsPassword:password /IgnoreErrors:False