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Fixed Issues

Oct 13, 2015

The issues addressed in Build 44.11.

  • If a NetScaler device is enabled with Common Event Format (CEF) logging for Application Firewall, Command Center fails to retrieve views for an alarm.


  • When OpenLDAP is used for Command Center authentication, a logon attempt with valid credentials fails.


  • Command center might display same host names for different devices.


  • User defined rollback commands are not displayed in the preview screen before task execution.


  • The default value of Event Cleanup Interval is now 30 days. In earlier releases, the default value was 180 days. If you had configured this value to anything other than 30 days before upgrading to the latest release, you must again set it to the value as per your need.


  • The arrow icon indicates that the records displayed in the Command Center graphical user interface are sorted in ascending order, but they are actually sorted in descending order.


  • The DeployMasterConfig task fails if the input XML file contains standard comments.


  • Command Center service fails to start, because of JRE corruption.


  • You can now specify the device group in the input file to deploy the master configuration on a NetScaler device.The variable values defined in the devicegroup tag take precedence over the global variable values and the variable values defined in the device tag take precedence over the devicegroup variable values.


  • All entities bound to an entity might not be displayed if you restrict a user to that entity by using Advanced Settings.


  • The Command Center logon page might take a long time to load.


  • Appropriate error messages are not displayed in the execution logs if the DeployMasterConfig task fails.


  • After you install or upgrade Command Center, the first attempt to connect to the MSSQL database fails.


  • Appropriate error messages might not be logged in the task execution logs if there is an error in the input XML file.


  • The browse button to search users from Active Directory is now changed to a search icon.


  • If Command Center is configured with a custom certificate that does not have a default password, the Command Center service fails to start during an upgrade.


  • The DeployMasterConfig task fails if the configuration template file contains HTML tags, because Command Center uses the characters "<" and ">" to enclose the variable name. You can now use the "$" character to enclose the variables (for example, $NS_IP$).


  • Command Center now supports using the NITRO API to fetch a device list on the basis of device type.


  • In the NetScaler Gateway dashboard, the "Top 10 users by EPA scan failures" report displays invalid data.


  • The CLI commands to generate the technical support bundle have been updated as below:

    On a windows system:

    generate_technical_support.bat basic

    generate_technical_support.bat advanced

    On a linux system:

    sh basic

    sh advanced


  • If an Active Directory user that is a member of a group is reassigned to another group, the Command Center graphical user interface lists the user as part of the original group.


  • On the Monitoring tab, the search functionality fails if the user belongs to two groups and advanced authorization settings are configured.

    [#594366, 590655]

  • If a scheduled report generates the "Too many data points to plot" error at the same time for two different charts, graphs are not attached in the email sent to the user.


  • In an HA setup of a Command Center server, SSLv3 status change operations (enable or disable) are not propagated to the secondary appliance


    Enable or disable SSLv3 when the secondary appliance is UP.


  • Command Center connections become stale because they are not refreshed.


  • If the Command Center logon password is longer than 15 characters, an attempt to log on to the Command Center GUI fails.


  • The Linux script throws a bad interpreter error because the script contains ^M characters.


  • The help text on the custom task creation screen now appears as a tool tip.