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Known Issues

Oct 13, 2015

The issues that exist in Build 44.11.

  • Rollback of commands in the DeployMasterConfig built-in task fails.


    [#596682, 595304]

  • If you configure an alarm or event trigger for a Send Trap action to send SNMP traps to an SNMP manager, SNMPv3 traps are forwarded to the manager as SNMPv2 traps.



  • The NetScaler dashboard always displays the CPU Usage (%) value as 0 for a NetScaler cluster.



  • The restore configuration option on the details page for a device does not display the log information.



  • When creating views for SNMP alarms and events on the Faults tab, selecting a device type on the Create View page does not load the filter criteria associated with the device type.


    [#315632, 350773]

  • Rediscovery of a cluster device with an SNMP v3 profile fails after the Configuration Coordinator node restarts.


    [#390280, 413918]

  • You might be unable to log onto Command Center after a fresh installation, because of a corrupted security configuration.

    Workaround: After a fresh installation, reset the Command Center configuration by re-initializing it. To do so, run the reinitialize_nms.bat or script, which is located in the CCHome/bin/ folder



  • If you install Command Center servers in a high availability (HA) pair or upgrade Command Center servers in an HA pair to new build, one of the servers might not start.

    Workaround: Restart the server that failed to start.


    [#596501, #603146]

  • You cannot generate a report by using the "RunningVsSavedconfiguration" audit policy on a NetScaler device if the device password contains a hash (#).

    Workaround: Modify the device password.



  • On the Citrix Network > Device Inventory > NetScaler screen, the Command Center server does not sort the System Uptime column by date but by the string value.



  • The Device Inventory screen does not display the IP address, platform and hostname for the CloudBridge 800 platform.



  • If you access the Command Center server through an Internet Explorer 8 browser, the virtual servers screen (Monitoring> NetScaler> Virtual Servers) displays an error message.



  • Because of security vulnerabilities in the TLSv1 SSL protocol, the default settings for Command Center no longer support TLSv1. However, CloudBridge devices currently do not support TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2. After you upgrade to this release, Command Center's ability to discover and connect to CloudBridge models 400, 800, 1000WS, 2000, 2000WS, 3000, 4000, and 5000 is lost.

    Workaround: To discover CloudBridge devices, on the Administration tab, under settings, click SSL Settings and then select the Enable TLSv1 option.



  • Command Center accesses unknown DNS IP addresses.


    Update the /var/cache/yum/addons/mirrorlist.txt file to remove the invalid DNS entries.



  • Alarms are not purged if a huge number of incoming traps (around 10,000 requests per second) arrive for processing on the Command Center server.



  • If you add a device to Command Center, sometimes, the discovery process might not proceed.

    Workaround: Restart the Command Center server.



  • You cannot search for an execution log by specifying the status message that appeared when the task was executed.