Product Documentation

Configuring Access Settings

Sep 29, 2015

You can configure the security settings by changing the default communication mode (HTTP or HTTPS) and the port used between the Command Center server and the client.

To configure the security settings

  1. On the Administration tab, in the right pane, under Settings, click Access Settings.
  2. Under Configure Access Settings, in Server Protocol, click the communication mode you want to use.
    Note: By default, HTTPS communication mode is used.
  3. In Server Port, type the port number you want to use.
  4. In Session Timeout, type the length of time (in minutes) for which the session can be inactive before you must log in again. You must restart Command Center for the timeout settings to take effect. The timeout duration that you specify here is applicable to all users. However, you can specify specific timeout duration for your device on the Login page. For more information, see the "Logging on to Command Center" section in the .
    Note: You must minimize the Alarm Summary table for the session timeout to work. If the Alarm Summary table is expanded, the session is considered to be active.
  5. Click OK.