Product Documentation

Configuring Inventory Settings

Sep 29, 2015

With inventory management, Command Center downloads the configuration and license files and SSL certificate files from each discovered device and stores these files in the database. By default, Command Center downloads the files during every discovery or rediscovery of a device. However, you can configure the inventory settings feature to download the configuration and license files in the following scenarios:

  • When Command Center receives the "save config" trap.
  • During specific intervals set by the user.
  • During a backup operation initiated by the user from the Device Properties page.

You can also configure inventory settings to specify the number of copies of the downloaded files you want Command Center to store in the database. For example, you can choose to store only one copy each of the configuration and license files that are older than one week. In this case, Command Center stores the last downloaded file set.

Note: By default, every file that is downloaded is stored in the database, and Command Center maintains the last 10 copies of the files.

To configure inventory settings

  1. On the Administration tab, in the right pane, under Settings, click Inventory Settings.
  2. Select one or more of the following options for archiving.
    • Archive "Save Config" Trap: Select this check box if you want the server to archive files when the "save config" trap is received.
    • Archive Interval (in hours): Specify the archive interval in hours.
  3. In Number of previous archive files to retain, type the number of files that you want to retain after download.
  4. Click OK.