Product Documentation

Configuring Mail Server Settings

Sep 29, 2015

Command Center uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send email messages. You can configure the mail server settings globally from the Admin tab. Then, when you add an event or alarm trigger and associate an email action with it, the mail server settings are updated automatically for that email action. However, mail server settings specified at the event or alarm level will override global settings.

To configure mail server settings

  1. On the Administration tab, in the right pane, under Settings, click Email Server Settings.
  2. Under Configure Mail Server, in Mail Server, type the IP address of the SMTP mail server that you want to use to send email notifications.
  3. In From and To, type the email addresses of the sender and the recipients. Note that you can enter multiple email addresses in the To field.
  4. Select Mail server requires authentication and type the user name and password if your mail server is configured to authenticate email addresses.
  5. Click OK. If the connection to the mail server is successful, a test mail is sent to the specified email and the settings are saved.