Product Documentation

Setting Up Command Center Agents

Sep 29, 2015

Command Center provides a distributed multi-tier architecture by letting you configure agents that manage and monitor the Citrix devices. This architecture reduces the load on the Command Center server by distributing the load across the different agents. Note that, for now, the agents are used only for monitoring entities and syslog messages, for polling and collecting data used for performance monitoring, such as CPU usage, resource utilization, and IP bytes transmitted, and for certificate management.

The Command Center agents are installed using the Command Center installer. For more information, see After the agents are installed and connected to the Command Center server, you can view the agent details on the Administration tab of the Command Center client. You can activate the agents from the client, and then assign devices to the agent to manage.

To set up Command Center agents

  1. On the Administration tab, on the right pane, under Tools, click Agent Setup.
  2. Under Agent Details, you can view and do the following.
    • Name: Specifies the IP address of the Command Center agent.
    • Status: Specifies whether the agent is active, inactive, or has been stopped.
    • Action: Based on the Status of an agent, you can take actions. If an agent is in an inactive state and is not managing devices, you need to activate the agent and assign devices to it to manage. If you want to stop an agent from managing devices, you need to deactivate it. You can activate or deactivate an agent by selecting the agent and then clicking Activate or Deactivate. To assign devices to an agent to manage, click Assign. If a Command Center agent is in an inactive state or has been stopped, you can unassign the devices managed by this device. These devices get assigned to the Command Center server. To unassign the devices managed by a Command Center agent, click Unassign for the inactive or stopped agent.