Product Documentation

Command Center Appliance

Sep 29, 2015

The Command Center appliance provides a hardware-based turnkey solution with a preloaded database. This section of the library describes initial set-up and basic configuration of the Command Center appliance, including the following topics.

In This Section

Introduction Provides information on external software components, hardware components, and hardware platform.
Preparing for Installation Provides unpacking, specific site and rack requirements, and safety precautions to be followed when installing the hardware.
Installing the Hardware Tasks for installing the hardware, including rack mounting, connecting the console cable, connecting to a power source, and connecting to a network.
Initial Configuration Procedures for configuring a Command Center appliance for the first time.
Command Center Appliances in a High Availability Pair Provides instructions on how to configure Command Center appliances in high availability mode.
Command Center Appliance Licenses Describes the procedures for obtaining and upgrading appliance licenses.
Upgrading Command Center Describes step-by-step procedure to upgrade to a later release on a standalone Command Center appliance or an HA pair.
Performing Backup and Restore Operations Provides a conceptual reference and instructions for performing backup and restore operations.