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Provisioning NetScaler VPX Devices on XenServers

Sep 29, 2015

Using Command Center you can provision NetScaler VPX on XenServers and begin managing the NetScaler VPX instances.

You can install one or more instances of NetScaler VPX on a XenServer from the Command Center client by using a NetScaler VPX template. The number of instances that you can install depends on the amount of memory available on the hardware that is running XenServer.

To provision NetScaler VPX on a XenServer, first, you need to add the XenServer device and set it for discovery. After the XenServer is discovered, you can provision the NetScaler VPX devices on the XenServer from the Command Center client. Command Center implicitly deploys NetScaler VPX devices on the XenServer, and then discovers the NetScaler VPX devices for monitoring and management.

Important: Before you begin provisioning the NetScaler VPX devices, create a NetScaler VPX template on the XenServer. Make sure that the template name contains the word "NetScaler" as part of the name string, for example, "NetScaler Virtual Appliance". Command Center recognizes only template names with "NetScaler" in the string as NetScaler VPX templates.
When you provision NetScaler VPX from Command Center, you need to provide values for the following parameters, and Command Center implicitly configures these settings on the NetScaler VPX.
  • NetScaler IP address (NSIP): Specifies the IP address at which you access a NetScaler VPX instance for management purposes. A NetScaler VPX can have only one NSIP. You cannot remove an NSIP address.
  • Netmask: Specifies the subnet mask associated with the NSIP address.
  • Gateway: Specifies the default gateway that you must add on the NetScaler VPX if you want access through SSH or the configuration utility from an administrative workstation or laptop that is on a different network.

To provision NetScaler VPX devices on a XenServer

  1. On the Citrix Network tab, in the left pane, under Device Inventory, click Devices.
  2. In the right pane, under Device Inventory, right click on the XenServer device on which you want to provision the NetScaler VPX devices, and then click Provision VPX from the menu options.
  3. Under Provision VPX, in Template Name, click the NetScaler VPX template you want to use.
  4. In NetScaler IP, type the IP address you want to assign to the NetScaler VPX device.
  5. In Netmask, type the IP address of the subnet mask for the subnet where the device is deployed.
  6. In Gateway, type the IP address of the default gateway for the device.
  7. Click OK.