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Monitoring and Managing the Real-Time Status of Entities Configured on NetScaler Devices

Sep 29, 2015

Use Command Center to monitor and manage the states of virtual servers, services, and service groups across the NetScaler infrastructure. You can monitor values, such as the health of a virtual server and the time elapsed since the last state change of a service or service group. This gives you visibility into the real-time status of the entities and makes management of these entities easy when you have a large number of entities configured on your NetScaler devices.

This topic includes the following details:

Monitoring the Status of NetScaler Devices

Use the NetScaler Dashboard to view the operational status of the NetScaler devices being managed by Command Center. By default, the dashboard data is refreshed every 5 minutes, you can change it by setting the polling interval value in Command Center.
Note: The dashboard does not display the data of NetScaler devices whose state is Failed, or Unmanaged.
To use the Dashboard
  1. On the Monitoring tab, in the left pane, under NetScaler, click Dashboard.
  2. In the right pane, under Dashboard, you can view the following :
    • Name— The name or IP address of the device
    • CPU Usage (%)— CPU Usage (%)
    • Memory Usage (%)— Memory utilization percentage.
    • Rx (Mbps)— Number of megabytes received by the NetScaler appliance
    • Tx (Mbps)— Number of megabytes transmitted by the NetScaler appliance
    • HTTP Req/s— Total number of HTTP requests received
The dashboard data is refreshed after each polling interval, the default value is 5 minutes. To poll the device,
  1. On the Monitoring tab, on the left pane, navigate to NetScaler > Dashboard.
  2. Select the device you want to poll and from theActions drop-down list, select Poll Now.
  3. When prompted for confirmation, click Yes.
The default interval is 5 minutes. To change the polling interval navigate to Monitoring > NetScaler > Dashboard > Configure Polling Interval page and set the value.