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Using Performance Reports and Thresholds to Monitor Device Performance

Sep 29, 2015

Command Center provides the ability to monitor the performance of discovered Citrix devices by using performance reports and threshold functionality.

Before you run the reports, you must ensure that the performance counters are enabled for polling. Command Center monitors the health of a device by polling the performance counters supported by the device.

You can then generate quick reports about the performance of a specific device and custom reports showing performance data across a set of multiple devices or for multiple counters from one or more devices. You can, therefore, monitor the performance of the entire application delivery infrastructure (for example, you can view statistics of the total number of requests handled by a user-defined service that is receiving application traffic).

Each quick or custom report consists of three charts, each of which plots a different time interval. The top chart plots data in 5-minute intervals, the middle chart plots hourly average data for three months, and the bottom chart plots daily average data for one year. You can also export the performance graph report to a file in CSV or XML format.

You can set thresholds for monitoring the state of a discovered Citrix device. You can set a threshold for a specific counter to monitor devices or instances of entities of managed devices.

You can use built-in reports and log messages to monitor security violations encountered on the NetScaler devices by the Application Firewall module.

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