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Migrating MySQL Database

Sep 29, 2015

For Command Center release 5.1, the MySQL version supported is 5.1.x with InnoDB storage engine. Also, Command Center 4.0 and later no longer supports internal MySQL that was packaged with earlier releases of Command Center.

If you are using Command Center release 3.x with internal or external MySQL database version earlier than 5.1.x and/or with MyISAM storage engine, you must migrate your data to a MySQL database running 5.1.x with InnoDB storage engine by running the Data Migration executable.

You can download the data migration executable from the Citrix portal Web site:

The executables are:
  • CC_MySQL_DM_4.0.exe (for Windows)
  • CC_MySQL_DM_4.0.bin (for Linux)

The data migration tool backs up your current data and restores it to your new database.

  • Data backed up in Windows cannot be restored in Linux and vice‐versa.
  • The minimum available disk space of the source system where the data is backed up should be the same as the size as your database.
  • The minimum available disk space of the destination system where data is getting migrated should be double the size of your database.

To migrate MySQL database

  1. Install MySQL 5.1.x with InnoDB storage engine.
  2. Create a database for Command Center.
    Important: The parameter max_allowed_packet in the file my.ini should be set to a high value. Citrix recommends you set this parameter to 30MB. The default location of this file is MySQL_Install_Dir (in Windows) and /etc/my.cnf (in Linux).
  3. When prompted for the destination directory path, specify the path to your current Command Center location.
  4. When prompted for the database settings, enter the host name, database name, port, user name, and password of the new database.
  5. Click Next, or type 1 and press Enter (if you are running the tool from the CLI on Linux) to start the data migration process.
    Note: The data migration may take some time depending on the amount of data that is being migrated.