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Configuring IP Addresses on NetScaler Gateway

Sep 16, 2013

You can configure IP addresses to log on to the configuration utility and for user connections. NetScaler Gateway is configured with a default IP address of and subnet mask of for management access. The default IP address is used whenever a user-configured value for the system IP (NSIP) address is absent.

  • NSIP address. The management IP address for NetScaler Gateway that is used for all management-related access to the appliance. NetScaler Gateway also uses the NSIP address for authentication.
  • Default gateway. The router that forwards traffic from outside the secure network to NetScaler Gateway.
  • Subnet IP (SNIP) address. The IP address that represents the user device by communicating with a server on a secondary network. This is similar to the mapped IP (MIP) address.

The SNIP address uses ports 1024 through 64000.

How NetScaler Gateway Uses IP Addresses

NetScaler Gateway sources traffic from IP addresses based on the function that is occurring. The following list describes several functions and the way NetScaler Gateway uses IP addresses for each, as a general guideline:

  • Authentication. NetScaler Gateway uses the SNIP address.
  • File transfers from the home page. NetScaler Gateway uses the SNIP address.
  • DNS and WINS queries. NetScaler Gateway uses either the MIP address or SNIP address.
  • Network traffic to resources in the secure network. NetScaler Gateway uses the MIP address, the SNIP address, or IP pooling, depending on the configuration on NetScaler Gateway.
  • ICA proxy setting. NetScaler Gateway uses the MIP address or SNIP address.