Product Documentation

Configuring Sites By Using the Citrix Web Interface Management Console

Feb 07, 2014

The Citrix Web Interface Management console is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 snap-in that enables you to create and configure XenApp Web and XenApp Services sites hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Web Interface site types are shown in the left pane. The central results pane displays the sites available within the site type container selected in the left pane.

The Citrix Web Interface Management console enables you to perform day-to-day administration tasks quickly and easily. The Action pane lists the tasks currently available. Tasks relating to items selected in the left pane are shown at the top and actions available for items selected in the results pane are shown below.

When using the console, your configuration takes effect when you commit your changes using the console. As a result, some Web Interface settings may be disabled if their values are not relevant to the current configuration and the corresponding settings are reset to their default values in WebInterface.conf. Citrix recommends that you create regular backups of the WebInterface.conf and config.xml files for your sites.

The Citrix Web Interface Management console is installed automatically when you install Web Interface for Microsoft IIS. Run the console by clicking Start > All Programs > Citrix > Management Consoles > Citrix Web Interface Management.

Note: You must ensure that MMC 3.0 is present on the server on which you install the Web Interface as this is a prerequisite for installation of the Citrix Web Interface Management console. MMC 3.0 is available by default on all the Windows platforms supported for hosting the Web Interface.