Product Documentation

Configuring Single Sign-On to the Web Interface

Mar 26, 2014

You can configure NetScaler Gateway to provide single sign-on to servers in the internal network that use web-based authentication. With single sign-on, you can redirect the user to a custom home page, such as a SharePoint site or to the Web Interface. You can also configure single sign-on to resources through the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in from a bookmark configured in the Access Interface or a web address that users type in the web browser.

If you are redirecting the Access Interface to a SharePoint site or the Web Interface, provide the web address for the site. When users are authenticated, either by NetScaler Gateway or an external authentication server, users are redirected to the specified home page and logged on automatically. User credentials are passed transparently to the web server. If the web server accepts the credentials, users are logged on automatically. If the web server rejects the credentials, users receive an authentication prompt asking for their user name and password.

You can configure single sign-on to web applications globally or by using a session policy.

You can also configure single sign-on to the Web Interface by using a smart card. For details, see Configuring Single Sign-On to the Web Interface by Using a Smart Card.

NetScaler Gateway works with the following versions of the Web Interface:

  • Web Interface 4.5
  • Web Interface 5.0
  • Web Interface 5.1
  • Web Interface 5.2
  • Web Interface 5.3
  • Web Interface 5.4

Before you configure single sign-on, make sure the Web Interface is already configured and working with NetScaler Gateway.