Product Documentation

Unified Gateway F.A.Q.

Aug 19, 2015


What is Unified Gateway?
Why use Unified Gateway?
Can there be more than one Unified Gateway virtual server?
Why is content switching needed for Unified Gateway?
In releases previous to 11.0, content switching can be used to receive traffic for multiple virtual servers. Is that use also called Unified Gateway?
What has changed with content switching policies in Unified Gateway?
What NetScaler Gateway features are not currently supported in Unified Gateway?
With Unified Gateway, what is the behavior of EPA scans?


What are the license requirements for Unified Gateway?
Does the NetScaler Gateway virtual server used with Unified Gateway need an IP/Port/SSL configuration?
Do I need to re-provision SSL/TLS certificates that are on NetScaler Gateway virtual server for use with a Unified Gateway virtual server?
What is the difference between a single URL and a multi-host deployment? Which one do I need?


What authentication mechanisms can be used with Unified Gateway?
What is ”SelfAuth”’ Authentication?
What is ”StepUp” Authentication’?
Is StepUp authentication supported for AAA-TM virtual servers?
What is login once/logout once?
Can common authentication policies be specified at the Unified Gateway level with AAA-TM load balancing virtual server specific authenticated bound at the load balancing virtual server level? What are the configuration steps to support this use case?
How do you configure Unified Gateway so that bound AAA-TM virtual server(s) have their own authentication policies?
Is a AAA-TM Authentication Virtual server required for authenticating users coming through a Unified Gateway virtual server?
Where do you specify NetScaler Gateway Authentication policies—at the Unified Gateway virtual server or at the NetScaler Gateway virtual server?
How do you enable authentication on AAA-TM Virtual servers behind a Unified Gateway content switching virtual server?

AAA-Traffic Management

How do I add TM Virtual servers behind content switching (single URL vs. multi-host)?
What happens to authentication policies bound to a AAA-TM load balancing virtual server if that virtual server is moved behind a Unified Gateway virtual server?
How do you configure session policies for AAA-TM sessions?

Portal Customization

What are the changes to NetScaler Gateway portal in NetScaler 11.0?
Does NetScaler 11.0 support NetScaler Gateway portal customization?
Are portal themes supported in NetScaler high availability or cluster deployments?
Will my customizations be migrated as part of the NetScaler 11.0 upgrade process?
Are there any pre-upgrade steps to follow to be ready for portal themes in NetScaler 11.0?
I have customizations that are stored on the NetScaler instance, invoked by rc.conf or rc.netscaler. How do I move to portal themes?
How can I export my current customizations and save them before upgrading to NetScaler 11.0? Can I move the exported files to a different NetScaler appliance?
Are portal themes supported for AAA-TM virtual servers?

RDP Proxy

What changed in RDP Proxy for NetScaler Gateway 11.0?
How do you migrate a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Proxy configuration based on NetScaler 10.5.e to NetScaler 11.0?
How do you set up NetScaler Gateway for RDP proxy configuration using the NetScaler 11.0 release?

Integrating with other Citrix Software

Will HDX Insight work with Unified Gateway?
How do I migrate my existing HDX Insight configuration?