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Configuring the Frequency of Post-Authentication Scans

May 13, 2013

You can configure NetScaler Gateway to run the post-authentication policy at specified intervals. For example, you configured a client security policy and want it to run on the user device every 10 minutes. You can configure this frequency by creating a custom expression within the policy.

Note: The frequency check functionality for post-authentication policies works only with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in. If users log on with Citrix Receiver, the endpoint analysis scan runs at logon only.

You can set the frequency (in minutes) when you configure the client security policy by following the procedure Configuring a Post-Authentication Policy. The following figure shows where you can enter a frequency value in the Add Expression dialog box.

Figure 1. Dialog box for configuring the frequency of post-authentication scans
Displays a figure of the dialog box for configuring the frequency of post-authentication scans.