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About the NetScaler Gateway MPX Appliance

May 11, 2015

The hardware platform (appliance) used for NetScaler Gateway is the MPX that runs on the NetScaler platform. This appliance supports classic and nCore NetScaler Gateway software deployments. The MPX appliance supports NetScaler Gateway 10.1 and later, Access Gateway 10, Access Gateway 9.3, Enterprise Edition, and Access Gateway 9.2, Enterprise Edition.

Note: NetScaler Gateway 10.5. NetScaler Gateway 10.1, and Access Gateway 10 must run on an nCore version of the appliance.

The following table shows the versions of the NetScaler Gateway and Access Gateway software that are supported on the MPX appliance.

NetScaler Gateway version MPX support

9.2 Classic


9.2 nCore

You must install a minimum of Build 55.5 to use nCore on a 9.2 appliance.


9.3 nCore


10 nCore


10.1 nCore and newer


The preconfigured IP address of NetScaler Gateway is and the subnet mask is To change the IP address, you can use a serial cable and a terminal emulation program, or you can connect NetScaler Gateway by using network cables and the configuration utility.

You can install the NetScaler Gateway appliances in the DMZ or the secure network. For more information about deployment scenarios, see Deploying NetScaler Gateway.

For information about setting up the MPX appliance in a rack, see Installing the Model MPX Appliance in a Rack. This section discusses the MPX specifications and how to install and configure the MPX appliance.