Product Documentation

Front and Back Panel Components

Nov 02, 2012

The front panel of the appliance has an LCD display and various ports, including an RS232 serial console port, copper Ethernet ports, and copper and fiber Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports. The number, type, and location of ports vary by hardware platform. The back panel of the appliance provides access to the power supply, fan, CompactFlash card, and hard disk drive.

Power Supply and Fan. Appliances are configured with either a single power supply or, for higher capacity fault-tolerant models, a dual-power supply configuration. The power supply on the MPX appliance is configured with a single fan. Each unit ships with a standard power cord that plugs into the appliance's power supply and an NEMA 5-15 plug on the other end for connecting to the power outlet on the rack or in the wall.

CompactFlash Card. The CompactFlash drive in all appliances contains the operating system for the unit. It is mounted as /flash.

Hard Disk Drive. The hard disk drive on all appliances contains logs and other data files. It is mounted as /var.