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About XenCenter

Jul 18, 2013

XenCenter is a graphical virtualization-management interface for XenServer that enables you to manage servers, resource pools, and shared storage, and to deploy, manage, and monitor virtual machines from your Windows-based desktop computer.

You use XenCenter to install NetScaler Gateway VPX on XenServer.

For more information about XenCenter, see the XenServer documentation.

Example of a NetScaler Gateway VPX Setup on XenServer

A NetScaler Gateway VPX setup provides secure remote access to applications and data.

The following figure shows how you can use NetScaler Gateway VPX with XenServer to deliver secure virtual application access.

NetScaler Gateway VPX deployment

As shown in the preceding figure, NetScaler Gateway VPX, when deployed in front of application servers, acts as a secure entry point in the internal network for authenticated users.