Product Documentation

Before You Begin

May 15, 2015

Before you Install NetScaler Insight Center you must understand the software requirements, browser requirements, port information, license information, and limitations.

This topic includes the following details:

Supported Software

NetScaler Insight Center is compatible with the following products.

Table 1. Software Versions and Builds

Product/NetScaler Insight Center Component

Web Insight

HDX Insight


9.3, build 61.2 and later

10.1 build 112.15 and later

10.0, build 73.5 and later

10.1, build 112.15 and later



6.5, build 6682 with HRP01



5.6, build 56060

7.0, build 3018


- and later

Note: The NetScaler Gateway feature (branded as Access Gateway Enterprise for versions 9.3 and 10) must be available on the NetScaler appliance. NetScaler Insight Center does not support standalone Access Gateway Standard appliances.

NetScaler Insight Center can generate reports for applications that are published on XenApp or XenDesktop and accessed through Citrix Receiver. However, this capability depends on the operating system on which the receiver is installed. Currently, NetScaler ADC does not parse ICA traffic for applications or desktops that are accessed through Citrix Receiver running on Thin Clients, IOS, or Android operating systems.

The following table lists the supported operating systems:
Table 2. Supported Operating Systems and Receiver Details

Operating system

Receiver version

Windows 7

3.4 Enterprise Edition

4.0 Standard Edition

Windows 8

3.4 Enterprise Edition

4.0 Standard Edition


11.8, build 238301 and above

Windows 8/DR

Win 8/RT, version 1.4





The following table lists the supported web browsers:
Table 3. Supported Browsers

Web Browser


Internet Explorer

IE 9 or later

Google Chrome

Chrome 19 or later


Safari 5.1.1 or later

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 3.6.25 or later

NetScaler Insight Center also supports the following thin clients for monitoring CloudBridge deployments.
  • Dell Wyse WTOS Model R10L Rx0L Thin Client
  • NComputing N400
  • Dell Wyse WTOS Model CX0 C00X Xenith
  • Dell Wyse WTOS Model TXO T00X Xenith2
  • Dell Wyse WTOS Model CX0 C10LE
  • Dell Wyse WTOS Model R00LX Rx0L HDX Thin Client
  • Dell Wyse Enhanced Suse Linux Enterprise, Model Dx0D, D50D
  • Dell Wyse ZX0 Z90D7 (WES7) Thin Client
However, there are some limitations while using these thin clients. For details, see FAQs.


NetScaler Insight Center uses the NetScaler ADC's NetScaler IP (NSIP) address to communicate with the ADC. For communication purposes, the following ports must be open between the NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Insight Center.

Table 4. Ports





NetScaler Insight Center



For NITRO communication from NetScaler Insight Center to NetScaler ADC or CloudBridge appliance



For SSH communication from NetScaler Insight Center to NetScaler or CloudBridge appliance



For AppFlow communication from NetScaler to NetScaler Insight Center or CloudBridge appliance


No reserved port

To detect the network reachability from NetScaler Insight Center to NetScaler or CloudBridge appliance

Licensing Information

The data collected by the NetScaler Insight Center depends on the version and licenses of the NetScaler appliance being monitored.

Web Insight

Web Insight reports are displayed for NetScaler appliances running releases 9.3, 10, 10.1, and 10.5, as shown in Table 1, where indicates that the reports do not include response time, load time, render time, server processing time, client network latency, server network latency, or waterfall charts.
Table 5. Web Insight License Information
License/ Version 9.3 10 10.1 10.5




HDX Insight

HDX Insight reports are displayed only for NetScaler Platinum and Enterprise appliances running release 10.1 and 10.5.

Table 6. HDX Insight License Information
License/Duration 5 minutes 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month




For appliances running a Platinum edition of XenApp or XenDesktop, HDX Insight reports can also be integrated with Director.

You do not need a license for NetScaler Insight Center to monitor CloudBridge appliances.

Important: On NetScaler appliances running release 10.1 or later, you must install a Platinum license if you want to use third party collectors to extract HDX Insight reports.
Note: For information about reports, see Viewing the Reports.


The limitations of NetScaler Insight Center are listed below:

  • NetScaler Insight Center does not support IPv6 address.
  • You can enable a maximum of four AppFlow collectors on a NetScaler appliance.

* Applicable with CloudBridge release 7.3.1.