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Viewing the Reports

Mar 09, 2015

NetScaler Insight Center reports provide a detailed view of the performance of the devices. With the help of these reports, you can analyze the devices being monitored by NetScaler Insight Center and track performance issues.

When you enable data collection, NetScaler Insight Center collects traffic data, analyzes the collected data, and presents it as reports on the dashboard, in various formats as displayed in the following figure.
Figure 1. An example of the various visual representations

The data collected from the devices is aggregated to display the data collected during the last 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. You can choose to view the data for a particular period.

The list of parameters displayed in the report depends on the metrics selected at the top right corner of the page. When you select an entity, duration, and metric from the drop-down-list, NetScaler Insight Center displays the relevant values in multiple formats.

For example, if you select Devices from the Web Insight node, select Day as duration and select Hits as the metric to display, then the dashboard displays a bar chart. Below the chart is a tabular representation of the data. In the table you can click on an entry to display a more detailed report, with all of the applicable values shown as both a bar chart and a pie chart.

Note: By default, the dashboard bases the performance chart for the NetScaler ADCs or CloudBridge appliances on the number of hits. To display more details of an appliance's performance, click on its host name, or click on the chart. All components that affect the performance of the appliance are represented in charts.

For details on exporting reports, see Exporting Reports.