Product Documentation

Installing Citrix Receiver on an SD card

Dec 21, 2016

Citrix Receiver for Android is optimized for local installation on user devices. However, if devices have insufficient storage, users can install Receiver on an external SD card and mount it on the device to launch published apps on their mobile devices. This support is provided by default and no additional configuration is required.

To launch an app using the SD card, select the app from the list of Receiver apps on the user device, and then select Move to SD card.

If users opt to install Receiver on an external SD card to launch apps, the following issues exist:
  • Mounting a USB storage device while the SD card is mounted on the mobile device causes the SD card to become unavailable, and if apps were running, they stop running when the USB device is mounted.
  • Some AppWidgets (such as the home screen widgets) are not available when an app is running from the SD card. After unmounting the SD card, users must restart the AppWidgets.

If users install Receiver locally on their user devices, they can move Receiver to the SD card when needed.