Product Documentation

Backing Up and Restoring the Configuration Data of the SDX Appliance

Jun 13, 2017

Till NetScaler SDX 10.5, the backup and restore was a multi-step process requiring that backup of each component to be taken separately. The setup includes, XenServer, supplemental packs and hotfixes, management service, NetScaler VMs, guest VMs and LOM firmware. Taking the backup of each component separately is an error prone process. Presently, NetScaler SDX supports backup and restore of NetScaler SDX configuration, one NetScaler XVA file, guest VM configuration and one XVA file for each type of guest VM.

The backup file does not include, XenServer image for XenServer upgrade, hotfixes and supplemental packs installed on the appliance of which backup is to be taken, multiple NetScaler XVA files to provision NetScaler and management service image files to upgrade from the factory image.

Using NetScaler SDX 11.0, you can complete the backup process in a single step instead of taking the backup of each component separately. The new backup file contains the following:
  • Single bundle image
  • NetScaler XVA image
  • NetScaler upgrade image
  • Management Service image
  • Management Service configuration
  • NetScaler SDX configuration
  • NetScaler configuration

To take a backup of current configuration, Configuration > Management Service > Backup Files. The backup process stores the current IP address of the Management Service.

Restoring the configuration

There are two different types of restore, appliance restore and Instance restore. To start the restore process, navigate to Configuration > Management Service> Backup Files. Select a backup file and click on Restore.

In appliance restore, the appliance is restore to the configuration available in the backup file. During appliance restore, all the current configuration is deleted. When you select instance restore, the Management Service asks you to select the NetScaler instances that you want to restore.