Product Documentation

Performing a Factory Reset

Jun 13, 2017

Before performing a factory reset, back up all the data stored on the appliance, including the settings of all the NetScaler instances provisioned on the appliance. Citrix recommends that you store the files outside the appliance. Performing a factory reset terminates all current client sessions with the Management Service, so you have to log back on to the Management Service for any additional configuration tasks. When you are ready to restore the data, import the backup files by using the Management Service.

You also have the option to reset while retaining the current IP addresses of the Management Service and XenServer or to reset with the default IP addresses of the Management Service and XenServer. In either case, the software automatically performs the following actions:

  • Deletes NetScaler VPX instances.
  • Deletes SSL certificate and key files.
  • Deletes license and technical archive files.
  • Deletes the NTP configuration on the appliance.
  • Restores the time zone to UTC.
  • Restores prune and backup policies to their default settings.
  • Deletes the Management Service image and documentation files.
  • Deletes the NetScaler image and documentation files.
  • Deletes all XVA images except the last image file that was accessed on the appliance.
  • Restores default interface settings.
  • Restores the default configuration of the appliance, including default profiles, users, and system settings.
  • Restores default IP addresses for XenServer and the Management Service.
  • Restores default passwords for XenServer and the Management Service.
  • Restarts the Management Service.

To perform a factory reset

The factory reset process takes approximately one hour.

Important: Make sure you connect a serial console cable to the appliance before performing a factory reset.
  1. Under Configuration tab, click System node and then under the Sytem Administration group, click Factory Reset.
  2. In the Factory Reset dialog box, select the type of reset option from the following options:
    • Reset (Without Network Configuration)—Retain the IP addresses of the Management Service and XenServer.
    • Reset (With Network Configuration)—Management Service and XenServer restart with the default IP addresses.
    • Appliance Reset—The appliance settings are restored to the default factory settings, such as default IP addresses for Management Service and XenServer. No instances are installed, and only the default SSL certificate is available on the appliance.
  3. Click OK.
  4. When the reset is complete, log on with the default credentials and run the configuration wizard.

Performing Factory Reset Using Command Line Interface

You can perform a factory reset from the command line interface.

At the command line, type:

do systembackuprestore factoryreset reset_type=[ResetAppliance| ResetWithNetworkConfiguration | ResetWithoutNetworkConfiguration]

For more information, see SDX Command Reference