Product Documentation

Monitoring Secure Mobile Gateway

Sep 27, 2015

The Secure Mobile Gateway SMG Controller configuration utility provides detailed logging that you can use to view all traffic passing through your Exchange sever that is either allowed or blocked by Secure mobile Gateway.

Enabling Secure Mobile Gateway Logging

Secure Mobile Gateway logs the following information:

  • Incoming ActiveSync traffic. Under the Secure column, all devices that are enabled for encryption are selected.
  • Firewall results of incoming requests. You can sort entries by time, action (allow or deny), or URL match by using a regular expression.

To review logs for Secure Mobile Gateway, in the SMG Controller Configuration utility, click the Logs tab. Specify a data range and actions that you want to query and then click Go.

You can configure the total disk space available for use by log files in Logging.MaxTotalDiskSpaceMB by changing Logging.MaxTotalDiskSpaceMB>.