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Install StorageZones Controller and create a zone

Sep 27, 2015
Important: Verify that your environment meets the system requirements before you start the installation.

When you install a StorageZones Controller, you either create a zone and configure a primary StorageZones Controller and or you join secondary StorageZones Controllers to a zone.

While configuring a primary StorageZones Controller, you can enable either or both of these features:

  • StorageZones for ShareFile Data, to specify private data storage, either a private CIFS share or a Windows Azure storage container.
  • StorageZone Connectors, to give users access to documents on SharePoint sites or specified network file shares.

The following steps describe how to install StorageZones Controller, configure authentication for the IIS default web site, create a zone, and enable features.

  1. Download and install the StorageZones Controller software:
    1. From the ShareFile download page at, log on and download the latest StorageZones Controller installer.
      Note: Installing StorageZones Controller changes the Default Web Site on the server to the installation path of the controller.
    2. On the server where you want to install StorageZones Controller, run StorageCenter.msi. The ShareFile StorageZones Controller Setup wizard starts.
    3. Respond to the prompts. When installation is complete, clear the check box for Launch StorageZones Controller Configuration Page and then click Finish.
    4. Restart the StorageZones Controller.
  2. To test that the installation was successful, navigate to http://localhost/. If the installation is successful, the ShareFile logo appears.

    If the ShareFile logo does not appear, clear the browser cache and try again.

  3. After the ShareFile logo appears, configure authentication for the IIS default web site:
    1. Open the IIS Manager console, navigate to Default Web Site, and under IIS, double-click Authentication.
    2. Right-click Basic Authentication and select Enabled.
    Important: If you plan to clone the StorageZones Controller, do not proceed with configuration. Capture the disk image and then configure the StorageZones Controller.
  4. Navigate to the StorageZones Controller console: Open http://localhost/configservice/login.aspx or start the console from the Start screen or menu. For information about using the Start screen shortcut in Windows 8, refer to Manage StorageZones Controllers.
  5. In the StorageZones Controller Logon page, enter the email address, password, and subdomain ( or, in Europe, for your ShareFile account and then click Log On.
  6. To set up your primary StorageZones Controller, click Create new Zone and provide the zone information:
    Option Description
    Zone A name that appears in the ShareFile Administrator console.
    Primary Zone Controller Defaults to http://localhost/ConfigService. If you use SSL, change http to https. Keep in mind that ShareFile supports only valid, trusted public SSL certificates. If you have problems configuring a secondary StorageZone host, ensure that you can resolve the ConfigService URL in a local browser on that server, with no SSL errors.

    localhost resolves to the server IP address. You can specify a server name instead (such as The server name must be resolvable by a secondary StorageZones Controller server.

    Hostname A unique identifier for your StorageZones Controller.

    ShareFile recommends that you use the server hostname as the identifier. This should be a friendly name and not the FQDN. This name appears in the ShareFile Administrator console.

    External Address The FQDN for this StorageZones Controller, in the form externalFQDN.

    The URL must be accessible from the Internet. If you are using a load balancer, enter its address. When you submit the page, ShareFile validates this address.

  7. To specify private data storage:
    1. Select the check box for Enable StorageZones for ShareFile Data and then choose a Storage Repository.

      For information about the storage repository settings, refer to Manage StorageZones for ShareFile Data

    2. If you do not want to also enable StorageZone Connectors, click Register to complete your configuration.

      Your StorageZones Controller information appears.

  8. To enable StorageZone Connectors:
    1. Select the check box for each connector type you want to use: Enable StorageZone Connector for Network File Shares and Enable StorageZone Connector for SharePoint.

      For information about the connector settings, refer to Create and manage StorageZone Connectors

    2. Click Register. Your StorageZones Controller information appears.
    3. If you specified Allowed Paths or Denied Paths for StorageZone Connectors, restart the IIS server.

    Enabling the Connectors creates the IIS apps "cifs" (Connector for Network File Shares) and "sp" (Connector for SharePoint).

  9. To configure secondary StorageZones Controllers, refer to Manage StorageZones Controllers.
Important: A StorageZones Controller is installed on your local site and you are responsible for backing it up. To protect your deployment, you should take a snapshot of the StorageZones Controller server, back up the StorageZones Controller configuration, and prepare StorageZones Controller for disaster recovery.