Product Documentation

Changing SR Properties

Oct 09, 2015

To view storage details, select a server or pool in the Resources pane and then click on the Storage tab. Information about the local and shared storage repositories is listed including the SR's name, description, storage type, size and amount of available space.

General Properties - Name, Description, Folder and Tags

On the General Properties tab you can change the SR name and description and folder, and manage its tags:

  • To change the SR's name, enter a new name in the Name box.
  • To change its description, enter new text in the Description box.
  • To place the SR in a folder or to move it to a different folder, click Change in the Folder box and select a folder. See Using folders for more information about using folders.
  • To tag and untag the SR and to create and delete tags, see Using tags.

Custom Fields

  • Custom fields allow you to add information to managed resources to make it easier to search and organize them. See Using custom fields to find out how to assign custom fields to your managed resources.