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Host Power On

Jun 14, 2017
Host Power On
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If your servers' remote-power solution uses a protocol that is not supported by default (such as Wake-On-Ring or Intel Active Management Technology), you can create a custom Linux Python script to turn on your XenServer computers remotely. However, you can also can create custom scripts for iLO, DRAC, and Wake-On-LAN remote-power solutions.

This topic provides information about configuring a custom script for Host Power On using the key/value pairs associated with the XenServer API call host.power_on.

When you create a custom script, run it from the command line each time you want to control power remotely on XenServer. Alternatively, you can specify it in XenCenter and use the XenCenter UI features to interact with it.

The XenServer API is documented in the document, the [Citrix XenServer Management API], which is available from the Citrix Web site.


Do not modify the scripts provided by default in the /etc/xapi.d/plugins/ directory. You can include new scripts in this directory, but you should never modify the scripts contained in that directory after installation.

To use Host Power On, you must configure the host.power_on_mode and host.power_on_config keys. Their values are provided below.

There is also an API call that lets you set these fields all at once:

void host.set_host_power_on_mode(string mode, Dictionary<string,string> config)

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