Product Documentation

Publishing Streamed Applications

Dec 17, 2015

To stream applications to user devices, start by reviewing the System Requirements for Application Streaming.

Before publishing an application for streaming, you must use the Citrix Streaming Profiler, a stand-alone utility, to create a streaming application profile and save the profile on a network file share or Web server (your App Hub). For instructions, search for Creating Application Profiles. In particular, see To create a profile and target, as well as other topics in that section.

After creating the application profile, continue by publishing the application to make it available to users. When you publish an application, you make choices about how to deliver the application and its properties. Use the Publish Application wizard in the Citrix AppCenter, the same wizard you use to publish installed applications. To review the general steps in the wizard, see To publish a resource using the Publish Application wizard.

In the wizard, select the delivery options to publish the application for streaming. For guidance, see To select a streaming delivery method. Continue by locating the application profile stored in your App Hub and finish the wizard.

In addition, refer to other topics about application properties and preferences and how to configure offline access (optional).

Finally, to prepare user devices for streaming, see Deciding Which Plug-ins to Use for Application Streaming, as well as other topics about the Citrix Plug-ins.
Important: To launch streamed applications, user devices must have sufficient RAM locally.