Product Documentation

Publishing Applications for Streaming

Dec 17, 2015

After you create profiles for applications using the Streaming Profiler, you make them available for streaming to users by publishing the applications.

The Publish Application wizard in the Citrix AppCenter guides you through the process of selecting the streaming options. Configure the application streaming delivery method as you publish the application. Choose delivery options based on the users who will access the applications and their environments.

The profiled applications must be stored on a file share or Web server that is accessible from your XenApp server so you can publish the application, and it must be accessible by your users so they can launch the application.

Streaming Applications to User Devices

If you deliver streamed applications directly to user desktops, users can launch the streamed applications, which run in an isolation environment on their desktops and use local resources to run the applications. This delivery method offers the full set of application streaming options including desktop integration and offline access.

Before publishing an application to be streamed to client desktops, complete the following tasks:
  • Install the Offline Plug-in locally, where it runs in the background to enable application streaming.
  • Install the latest version of online plug-in locally.
  • To stream to client devices across a network protected by a firewall, configure firewall policies to allow those applications access.

After all of these tasks are complete, publish the application as Streamed to client.

Streaming Applications to a XenApp Server

To simplify application delivery to servers in a server farm, stream applications to a XenApp server and virtualize the applications through an ICA connection to user devices.

For users to stream applications through a Web site using an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, add the site to the Trusted sites list in Internet Explorer on the user devices.

Before publishing an application that is streamed to server, ensure your Web Interface sites and Citrix XenApp sites are configured to run one of the following application types:
  • Remote applications only, or
  • Dual mode streaming (streamed if possible, otherwise accessed from a server)

For information about managing application types on Web Interface sites, see Technologies > Web Interface.

After you ensure all of these tasks are complete, publish the application as Streamed to a server.